Balangoda — Dahatuna Kuti to Kuuragala

Balangoda -- Dahatuna Kuti to Kuuragala

A route going from the solitary Dahatuna Kuti to the ancient monastery of Kuragala.  A beautiful route, which skirts the edge of a cliff.  The cliff looks out over Udawalawa Park.  The large local landmark Haabidigala is nearby. Ends at the ancient Buddhist monastery of Kuragala.

Distance: 4.5km | Speed: 1.9km/h | Moving Time: 2h 15mins | Elevation: up -- 226m, down -- 214m

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*This route goes from a kuṭi beloing to Bhaddeka Vihari Aranya.  Therefore, it is best to ask permission from the abbot before going.