The Buddha’s Teachings — From the Suttas to the Heart

The Buddha's Teachings -- From the Suttas to the Heart


August 30, 2023    
7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


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The wisdom and eclectic teachings recorded in the Pali Canon (Nikayas), the early scriptures, resonate with individuals of diverse traits and predispositions. These teachings offer invaluable guidance on the journey to freedom from suffering. How do we learn from this ancient wisdom and apply it in our lives as we face new challenges in this modern world? How do we decipher the true message of the suttas and cultivate our own contemplative heart practice? How do we effectively apply investigation, enquiry, and reflection to deepen our understanding? Bhante Joe will share practical insights on how to integrate the Buddha’s teachings into our modern context, and skilfully navigate life’s complexities with compassion and wisdom.

Hybrid event: Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in an interactive session in person at the Western Sydney University  (74 Rickard Rd, Bankstown City Campus), Room 1.4.34 on level 4or online by clicking on this link to access the session:

Alternatively, you can dial in from your telephone (call charges apply):

+61 2 8015 6011 | Meeting ID: 835 0648 9824| Passcode: 718905


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