26: A Path of Renunciation

The Buddha taught a path of renunciation. To create space in the mind, one must give things up. To achieve the highest goals of one’s practice, one must be prepared to relinquish everything.

24: Developing the Paramis | Discussion

A Dhamma discussion based on the question .. “How should one practice the Paramis ( also a way to develop wholesome mind states I would think). Should one concentrate on a few of them and develop say a couple throughout life or try and fulfill all ten of them in one go. I like to…

24: Two Types of Effort

This ovāda discusses how practice can build through consistent effort. At a certain point, however, acute effort may be required. If one puts forth intense effort at the right times, one can gain significant breakthroughs in one’s practice.

22: Total War | Ovāda

This ovāda compares the use of different meditative strategies to different types of warfare. In particular it contrasts, meditation techniques and stately warfare with rules, with total warfare and the skills that experienced meditators are required to develop.